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Grapeseed oil



Grapeseed Oil is a great source of Vitamin E. Grapeseed oil is beneficial for hair and skin, as it is very high in PUFA Omega 6.


Grapeseed Oil can be used in cooking in place of any vegetable oil. With zero Trans fats and as a non- hydrogenated oil, grapeseed oil is known to lower cholesterol levels and improve overall cardiovascular health.  Generally, oils high in PUFAs are not suggested for cooking as they have a low “smoke point,” but grapeseed oil has a higher smoke point than olive oil.


Grapeseed Oil Nutrition Facts:

Serving Size -1 Tablespoon

14 grams fat (about 10 % is saturated fat, 16% monounsaturated fat and 70% polyunsaturated fat)

120 calories

9 milligrams vitamin E (19% daily value)

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