About Orgavic

We at Orgavic are a boutique distribution center for organic, natural and homeopathic products, and we strive to work with your company to spread your vision throughout the globe. Our sales team offers you a network of professionals that provide services in business consulting, graphic design, product marketing, and business accounting and management.   We have direct access to over a few hundred health food locations in the New York and New Jersey, and have forged relationships with many of the larger retail chains to be able to create that connection for you. At Orgavic, we know that you have choices about who you elect to grow your business, and you can trust that our partnership will manifest a quality relationship, marketing natural products that we both believe in.

Organic is Our Passion

Our team works to discover products with the most healthful, natural and wholesome ingredients, that are the perfect fit for thriving businesses. We understand that what we comsume and dispose of can have lasting effects on future generations, and it is our goal to do the work of marketing your carefully selected products with a like-minded consideration for a healthy global community.

Trusted Products

At Orgavic, rest assured that we seek the most quality, potent and healthful products available, and all are met with our sincere inspection and approval. Our sales teams carefully selects each brand, taking into consideration the production, usage and disposal of the product, noting the footprint that it leaves behind.

Worldwide Growth

We know that your goal, like ours, is to raise the consciousness of consumers about the benefits of homeopathic materials and organic options as we evolve as partners with nature. At Orgavic, it is our promise that your brand will receive trusted exposure to markets throughout the world, providing the positive growth and expansion that your business deserves.

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